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Why Daily Writing Prompts?

Daily writing prompts challenge writers to write about topics they may not have thought about before. This will diversify the the resources that the writer has in their mind to pull from when thinking of new ideas. You will also see many of the infinite interpretations of a prompt from other writers just like you!

Practice Makes Perfect

As with any craft, the more you do it, the better you will get at it. Writing is no different. The only way to quickly improve your writing is to write every day! However, sometimes it is difficult to come up with what to write. With the prompt of the day will give you an instant topic to think and write about!

Sharing is Caring

There are many ways you can share at Prompt of the Day. Sharing your response to a prompt will give others the opportunity to read your wonderful work as well as encouraging others to write. If you have a prompt of your own you would like others to write about, you can suggest your prompt to us for future Prompt of the Days. And lastly, you can share you thoughts on the submissions of others. Words of encouragement and feedback will make everyone a better writer!

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